97,8 miles in total

DAY 1 – ATHENS to SOUNION – 23,2 miles

DAY 2 – SOUNION to KEA – 14,8 miles

DAY 3/4 – KEA to SYROS – 37,6 miles

DAY 5 – SYROS to DELOS – 16,7 miles

DAY 6 – DELOS to MYKONOS – 5,4 miles



DAY 1 – ATHENS to SOUNION – 23,3 miles

The first stop on our journey is Cape Sounion, where we will make time to visit the Temple of Poseidon. Cape Sounion is a historical place from the Golden Age of Athens. Many stories are tied to it, because it is a place where the sailors would “say goodbye” before a long journey, as well as the first place upon sailing back. In one of the stories, the forgetful son Theseus forgets to change the black sails to white upon his return from the battle with the Minotaur. His father Aegeus believes his son to be dead and ends his life.


DAY 2 – SOUNION to KEA – 14,8 miles

Kea is located on the northernmost island of the western Cyclades, and it is not far from Athens. Kea is an island that is covered in myths and history. It is also called Hydroussa because of the abundance of water sources and thick vegetation. The island houses one of the largest natural harbors in the Mediterranean that houses the shipwreck of Britannic in the surrounding area. The island offers tourists the chance to experience local Greek lifestyle with its traditional vibes. It is also surrounded by majestic archaeological sites, stunning seashores, pristine beaches, picturesque sceneries, and verdant valleys to explore.


DAY 3/4 – KEA to SYROS – 37,6 miles

The island is popularly called the jewel in the Aegean Sea. The island is just 78 nautical miles southeast of Athens. It is a magnificent Greek island with a rich blend of history with modernity. The island attracts tourists with its stunning sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and panoramic sceneries that will leave you coming for more.

Although the island is a perfect destination for a sailboat in Greece, it is filled with thrilling and fun activities that you can try out. The island is also a great place to go for outdoor lovers as it is surrounded by fun outdoor activities to try out from strolling to cycling around the towns. After you have enjoyed a fun time at the lovely beaches, you can join fun jeep tours on the dirt roads that surround the island.


DAY 5 – SYROS to DELOS – 16,7 miles

One of the most iconic places in the Cyclades, Nisos Delos is a small, low-lying barren island located to the south of Mykonos. It’s like a teardrop wedged between the larger Mykonos and Rinia (Big Delos).

Known for the extensive ruins of Ancient Delos of the Hellenic-Roman era, the sacred island of Delos is not easily accessible to tourists. Due to the vast architectural remains housed there, it opens for public viewing only in daylight hours under strict moderation. Moreover, there are anchoring restrictions in place.

Thanks to its historical value, Delos is widely popular among tourists and travelers who will recognize the avenue of the marble lions, the temples and open theatres, and its world-famous archaeological museum.

The enigmatic island draws tourists in summer when tripper boats ferry them from the nearby Mykonos. Both Delos and Rinia are administrated by the municipality of Mykonos.


DAY 6 – DELOS to MYKONOS – 5,4 miles

Mykonos is an idyllic island in Greece, and it usually tops the bucket list of most travelers all over the world. The island is famous for its whitewashed blue-roofed houses, windmills, and waterfront which attracts all kinds of tourists from jet setters to honeymooners. Mykonos is also among the most popular islands in the Cyclades for sailboats in Greece. It is filled with a wide range of attractions and activities to try out.

The island has a vibrant vibe, and it is a great destination where you can party all night long while in Greece. Mykonos will surely leave you astonished, and you will not stay long before you come back here.


up to 2 cabins/4 guests – 4000euro

up to 3 cabins/6 guests – 4750euro