Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the routes we apply on our http://sailingsimal.com/sailing-adventures/ web page. You can make online reservations and check the availability for the route you are interested in. At the bottom of each route page you will find the calender. If you wish, we can also make your reservations by contacting us by email or phone. You can make half of the payment when you make the reservation, and the remaining half when you come to the boat.
Fuel of the boat, dinghy and engine, final cleaning, bedding (1 set/week) and face towel, propane (stove - oven) are included in the price. - Not Included ones are, Transitlog document and entry/exit procedures issued by the competent authorities These documents and transactions cost approximately 300 euros if staying in the same country's waters - 600 euros if the country is changed.
As both the participants and the boat, of course, we are covered by insurance. Also our insurances are updated according to the requirements of the country we go to.
The currents in the western part of the sea are directed to the south, in the eastern - to the north; their speed is up to 0.5-1 km / h. Surface water temperature in winter + 11 ... + 15 ° C, in summer + 22 ... + 25 ° C. The tides are semi-daily, their size is from 30 to 60 cm The western coast of Turkey is washed by the Aegean Sea. The weather conditions in this region seem to be specially tailored for recreation in the summer months: the heat sets in mid-June and lasts until mid-September. At this time, the average air temperature is + 24-26 ° С, and the water is never colder than + 23 ° С. The hottest months are July-August, when the temperature reaches + 29-34 ° С. During this period, the sea warms up to + 25-29 ° С. Aegean Sea is a relatively rich region for wave energy resource. Although average wave heights ranges in low levels, wind regimes and Aegean geomorphology create frequent waves. On a seasonal basis, the maximum mean wave power occur in winter. Local winds from the North West can make a significant contribution to renewable wave energy production during the summer season.
Although our boat is comfortable and big enough, we should remind you that you are coming to a boat. We recommend that you prepare a "soft case" luggage that contains as many clothes and other personal belongings as you need, suitable for the season you are in. Your clothing should consist of sports clothes, and the shoes you will use on the deck should be white-soled sports shoes if possible. Apart from that, don't forget your sunscreen materials according to the season. If you have equipment that you want to charge, you can bring cables suitable for vehicle charging. Our boat has both 220v and 12v energy use, but 220v sockets will generally be used during the daytime unless there is an urgent need.
Our prices have 2 variants. The first of these is the route you choose. The second is the number of cabins allocated to you according to the number of your participation. Basically, two different prices are applied as participants up to 2 cabins and participants up to 3 cabins.
All the routes we organize are both the most beautiful places to sail and the areas where transportation is easy. Since there are possibilities where air, land or sea transportation is easily provided, as a result there will be no transportation problem.
Of course its possible. You can add/remove the locations of the routes that we recommend. We can make a flexible middle planning together, according to the weather conditions.
Since this is a multivariate subject, it would be more accurate to talk about the possibilities you can find on the boat. Various glassware, utensils such as cutlery and plates are enough for 8 people. In addition, there are many materials such as cookware, pans, knife cutting-chopping equipment, strainer, grater, storage container, lemon squeezer etc... There are also 2 of 1 liter thermos to store cold or hot drinks. There is also a Microwave oven, Filter coffee machine and Ice maker in the kitchen. You can contact us if you have anything extra to ask other than some of the equipment we can list.
No matter how much we love them, unfortunately we cannot accept them. Boat life can be uncomfortable for pets due to their habits, so thank you for your understanding.
Of course they can. We can say that children under the age of 10-12 get a little bit bored on such a trip. Very young babies, on the other hand, leave both you and themselves uncomfortable on the boat because of their needs. Apart from that, if you think your child can adapt to the boat, we would be happy to bury the little sailors among us.